Rebel Axe

Review by planetFear
Monday 17th September 2007
One of the best axes for hard mixed and ice routes the Rebel is a state of the art, lightweight piece of kit aimed at those planning on getting on steep routes. The Rebel has been hot forged, making it a supremely strong, yet light (650g each) axe.

The Rebels are not automatically sold with leashes, but I had some anyway. Whilst I mainly chose not to climb using the leashes, during a week out in Rukjan (Norway), I experimented with them to see how they performed. They are easily adjusted and the in built wire gate made it very easy to quickly clip or unclip from any of the three attachment points. The loops were large and comfortable to hang in.


Ben Heason in Rjukan, Norway using DMM Rebel Axes and Terminator crampons

The moveable plastic handles at the base of the shaft enable different gripping positions, depending on the type of climbing and/or the type of gloves worn. For leash-less climbing the Rebel’s handles make them hard to beat, even allowing you to easily match on each axe. The grip rests at the bottom of the handles also protected my fingers from bashing the ice. However, in minus 20 degrees the shaft became very cold, even through decent gloves, so I had to wrap insulation tape around the bottom of them.

The pick is weighted to give a well-balanced axe, minimizing the effort required to swing each placement.

The Rebel has clearly been designed by those in the know, giving a superbly balanced tool. With a RRP of £150 each (for either the hammer or the Adze) you’d need to be pretty serious about your steep ice, or mixed climbing, but if you are they will certainly make it easier for you to get to the top.

See DMM website for more information

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DMM Rebel Axe
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