Review by planetFear
Wednesday 24th October 2007

DMM Revolver

At first, I’d admit to thinking that DMM’s Revolver was a bit of a gimmick but I could see its potential and bought myself one to keep my Prusik cords and nut key on…and there it stayed for at least a year, until I need to set up a pulley system, to rescue my second from a wave drenched ledge on Lundy. Wow, what a difference it made. Rather than using a standard karabiner as a pulley I used the Revolver and was able to winch up my second with relative easy.

From a rescue point of view its hard to fault the Revolver and now that DMM are about to launch a solid, screwgate version I think it has a place on the rack of any climber venturing onto multipitch terrain and sea cliffs.

The reduction in friction, while pulling a rope over a Revolver is very noticeable and I now also have two long quickdraws with a Revolver on the rope end. These I use when making changes of direction (like the start of a traverse) or before pulling over a roof when you know there will increased drag on a particular quickdraw. They are equally at home in a sport or trad climbing situation.

I think that the Revolver is an excellent and under used karabiner. Highly recommended.

There is a comprehensive review of the DMM Revolver by Andy Kirkpatrick available on planetFear here>>

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