Serac Crampon

Review by planetFear
Tuesday 23rd January 2007
Designed for, and available only in, the European market, the 12-point Black Diamond Serac Pro crampons are an ideal choice for the winter climber looking for a pair of crampons that will excel at mid grades across Scottish mixed European alpine adventures or greater ranges Mountaineering expeditions.

The Black Diamond Serac is available in three different strap configurations for various boot accommodation— The 'Pro' (reviewed) for technical / B3 boots, The 'clip' for boots without a front toe welt, and the 'Strap' for trekking boots.

The Serac Pro features an adjustable front attachment point and an adjustable heel lever to attach the crampons to pretty much any technical boot. The easy adjustment and variety of fitting options are definitely one of the strong points of the Serac Pro, offering quick and easy changes to take place.

In use, the Serac Pro’s are a crampon for moderate technical terrain, such as alpine routes or snow ice in Scotland. The design feature thick, horizontal front-points that allow for far better purchase in the classic snow ice / poor snow that is found in Scotland, offering the Scottish winter climber much better stability and bite in classic winter conditions.

The Serac’s come with fitted ABS (Anti-Balling) plates that work very well at removing wet snow from the points and underside of the boot. The ABS plates come with all three types of Serac Crampons

As these crampons are designed for snow ice and mixed terrain, they would not be recommended, or particularly suitable, for water ice (the front points being thick / horizontal, offering a much poorer bite in hard ice).

The compact and low design of the Serac’s also helps in making them a good crampon for mixed as they sit quite close to the boot and are therefore good for rock, offering a better 'feel' & stability, also helping to reduce the amount of leverage that can be found on other crampons.

At just under 1200gms, they are quite light but if you’re looking to reduce it even further, remove the ABS plates to save an extra 200gms.

Summary: If you’re looking for a crampon for Scottish mixed or alpine mountain adventures, the Serac Pro are an all-round excellent choice.

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