Silva LX Headtorch

Review by planetFear
Friday 16th November 2007

Silva’s LX is the top headtorch from the L range…in fact, it would probably be the top headtorch when compared to any range of headtorches...

Now that’s pretty big statement when you can compare an LX with your choice of Black Diamond or Petzl lights. So what are my justifications?

First off, don’t be fooled by the huge box that the LX comes in. The actually LX Headtorch is incredible light, weighing in at 73g. Combined with a 5 watt Luxeon blub you get a huge amount of light with a maximum beam strength of 75m.

The headtorch is so light and powerful because the battery pack is carried separately; typically in your rucksack or in the mini bum bag that the LX comes supplied with. However, the battery does weigh 305g so the whole headtorch set up weighs in at 380g.

The benefit of the big battery is that you get the extra power and extended use from your headtorch with Silva quoting 15 hours use on full power and 45 hours use on low power.

A few nights ago I walked into Leacach Bothy in the dark, along a good track and the lowest power setting was absolutely adequate for that. So for typical use you could use the low power setting and expect 45 hours of battery life. For those needing a strong light, the full power setting is really very good, and after a night on the hills, I would estimate that you really do get good light out to 75m.

The only negative comment that I can make at this stage, is that the finish and design is not as good as the best examples from Petzl or Black Diamond. For example, the red and white diffuser lenses that come supplied with the LX need to be clipped over the lense assemble. Its awkward and you need to carry the diffuser separately. The flip mechanism on the Petzl Myo XP is more elegant solution to the same problem in my opinion.

This is the kind of headtorch that people who need this level of lighting power and battery endurance will instantly recognise as brilliant, even with the £100 price tag.

The LX will come into its own on events such at the High Peak Marathon, Open 24, the Bob Graham Round or for night orienteering. For anyone looking for headtorch that supplies oodles of light, all night long, its going to be hard to beat the LX.

Highly recommended.

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