Review by planetFear
Wednesday 20th December 2006
SportCLIMBING+ is a Rockfax publication that has been written by two of the UK’s leading sport climbers, Adrian Berry and Steve McClure.

Upon receiving this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. What could all these 190 pages tell me about the simple sport of sport climbing? Well, quite a lot. I’ve been a climber for 9 years now and have been doing sport climbing nearly from the off and so the amount of really relevant information and insight gleaned from this book really surprised me.

Most climbers in the UK think that sport climbing is 'clip and go' but as this book spells out, it's much more than that.

The information covered is absolutely perfect for someone new to the sport as it has a wide range of basics like belaying, lowering off and ropework. But for any experienced climber you will surely learn something new from chapters such as tactics, the mind and redpointing.

There’s a lot of information in here and coming from Rockfax, as you would expect these days, the structure is beautifully laid out. Diagrams, photos and text are well used and the book is a very easy read.

It’s broken down into separate chapters and thus after one read you can easily dip in and out for the bits you need brushing up on.

There’s a small section on training but this is not a book that will tell you how to get strong physically. This is a book that takes what you have and refines and improves it so that the next time you approach a climb, your mental state will be much more confident and finely tuned.

I wasn’t expecting much when this landed on my desk but it’s really surprised me with how much I picked up. Anyone who has climbed for a while knows that more than half the battle is with the mind. This book delves into that area and certainly has taught me a thing or two. SportCLIMBING+ has found a suitable place alongside my other training / climbing books.

Summary: An excellent book for anyone who sport climbs. Absolutely perfect for anyone starting out but it has lots of really good and well-thought out material that will improve any climber, no matter what level.

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