Sprayway Bamboo Clothing Group Test

Review by Sophie Heason
Wednesday 2nd September 2009

Women's - Reviewed by Sophie Heason

Torino Top

The Sprayway Torino range is made of bamboo. This is an incredibly soft material, but does not compromise on durability or elasticity. I have worn it a great deal and it still looks good, there has been no piling and the shape has stayed well. It is low odour and has good wicking ability (I have been out running in it to test it out and, yes, it wicked away sweat and, no, it didn't smell the next day). I wouldn't recommend it for particularly active sport as the buttons and collar are not part of a design for running etc (if you want that go for the Torino zipped) but the technical features of the material have a place in everyday wear.

Sprayway Torino Top

The Torino stands out to me as a perfect top for travelling in as it wears well, withstands those sweaty moments such as running for the boat, doesn't need a lot of washing and even then dries quickly, and looks good straight out of a bag.

Torino zipped top  

My immediate reaction to the Sprayway Torino zipped top was how light it was. There's a helluva lot of performance packed into 200grams. The bamboo material is soft on the skin and not at all restrictive. Comfort is also added to by the lack of internal labels and by the comfy hems. The top's wicking ability is great, and the material doesn't hold odour (up to a point!).

Sprayway Torino Zipped Top

I have worn this top as everyday wear and it seems to withstand a lot of use, although the design is very simple and looks more appropriate for sport. I have been out running in it in wind, rain and sun (don't you just love British weather!) and arrived home in a top that is dry and didn't look or smell very different from when I left. As a base layer it works very well also. So really I don't have much to say against the Torino zipped top and plenty for it as a good top for a base layer or to throw on when you are going for some sweaty exercise.

Torino Pant 

I have been reviewing a few of Sprayway's new Bamboo range so was expecting something quite different from the Torino Pant when they arrived. At first I returned them for a larger pair as the material felt quite restrictive, but when the next size up arrived I realised that these trousers are just not as soft or elastic as other items in the range and the restricted feeling was not to do with the size. Luckily the trousers are quite adjustable with a popper alteration on the waistband so off I went to review.

Sprayway Torino Pant

I have worn these trousers a lot for everyday use and more strenuous activity and have been pretty impressed by the high wicking, quick drying material. The trousers are certainly well made and durable and hold their shape well. There are also quality features such as the button being attached by a short tape, which keeps the line of the trouser cut and is easier to fasten. However, I have found them restrictive, and often have to pull the knees up when I bend over. I can't imagine riding a bike in them. The problem might just be that the Torino pant and I are incompatible shapes but it could also be the material. Also, I am sure the Torino pant will look good on someone, but that person is not me.

Men's - Reviewed by Matt Heason

Mori Tee 

Intrigued that one can make clothes out of Bamboo I did a little research on the subject and found some interesting facts. And lots of them! Bamboo is soft, antibacterial, incredibly quick-drying, anti-static, good for people prone to allergies, breathable, strong, durable, 100% naturally grown without assistance from man, the fastest growing plant in the world, cut and not uprooted when harvested. thrives in any natural environment without fertilizers or pesticides, has a yield ten times greater than cotton, has minimal water requirements and is 100% bioegradable! Blimey. It really does seem to be a miracle plant / material.

Sprayway Mori Tee

To the item on review: A Teeshirt is a teeshirt surely. Well the Mori Tee is lightweight (241g), and certainly backs up many of the above claims. It is soft and comfortable. So far it has shown no sign of wear. When it's got wet (rain, sweat etc) it's dried quickly. At £30 it's fairly steep for a teeshirt and you'd be forgiven for just heading down to the market for a cheapie, but comparing the two is unfair. This is the Rolls-Royce of teeshirts.

Mori Zipped Top

Sprayway Mori Zipped Top

Weighing just 239g and made of bamboo the Mori Zipped Top is part of a large range of lightweight, high wicking, odourless and environmentally friendly clothing from Sprayway. It' is close fitting as a base-layer should be. The neck zip is unobtrusive and runs smoothly with one hand. To date it's been hammered during a very changeable weather British summer, with no sign of wear or, more importantly for a thermal, of any lingering smell! It does indeed dry incredibly quickly, and feels comfortable on all occasions. Bamboo is the way forward!

Mori Combi Pant

Here's a dilemma: do you wear trousers that look great and carry a pair of shorts in your bag, or do you sacrifice a bit of the style to wear a pair of trousers with legs that zip off to leave a pair of shorts? Personally I'd go for the latter every time. The number of occasions I've been caught out in trousers, but felt the need to don shorts with a change in the weather is numerous. In the Mori Combi, Sprayway have even made the main pockets plenty big enough to stow the zipped off leg sections if you are out without a bag to put them in. The zips are cleverly directional so that each leg section will only fit one of the two opposing zips on the shorts. Sounds simple, but with my last pair you had to squint your eyes (the zips are generally tiny on such trousers to lessen interference in use) to read an 'L' or an 'R' on a hidden label in order to pair them up.

Sprayway Mori Combi Pant

What else is there about the Mori Combi? Made from bamboo they are lightweight (370g), quick drying, and environmentally friendly to boot. There are six pockets - 2 main, 2 on the bum, and 2 fastenable square ones on the front, lower than the main ones. My one complaint would be that there could do with being a couple more belt loops. It's At £40 they are not inexpensive, but when you consider that you get a pair of trousers and a pair of shorts for the money I'd say it was money well spent.

The PlanetFear Star Rating Explained:

* A poor product with design and functionality problems. Not recommended. 

** An average product. Recommended only for its low cost or as a back-up item.

*** A good product. Certainly worth considering, although better products may be available at the same price

**** An excellent product and among the best available in its category. Highly recommended.

***** An outstanding product defining the cutting edge of outdoor technology and design. You won't find a better one! 


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