Sprint 10mm

Review by planetFear
Friday 20th October 2006
Wild Country’s Infinity range of ropes is a fairly new range to the UK rope scene and the 70m Sprint was the first time I’ve used one of their cords.

The Sprint was used initially in Ceuse, France for a 10 day sport trip that involved plenty of mileage and a number of long falls. Since then it’s been used on single pitch trad and a number of UK sport routes. With 4 months of use behind it the rope is still going strong and still feels supple.

From the off the rope feeds well through both an auto locking (gri-gri) and normal belay device (ATC, bug) - a very important point when you’re climbing at your limit. At 64g per metre, it’s a mid weight rope but for all but the highest end climbers, this will not be a major issue.

Clipping, tying up, creating belays… pretty much anything you can do with a rope is pretty straightforward with the Sprint. One of its strong point is its suppleness, which does make the before mentioned things much simpler.

With prolonged use, a rope usually starts to get weak points (usually near the ends) but so far the Sprint is still going strong and showing little sign of the ‘bobblingness’ that happens with ropes over time.

It’s caught a number of big lobs and it has surprised me how it has taken these in its stride. Very much a durable rope but without the associated weight.

Overall the sprint is an excellent mid-priced sport rope that is ideal for any climber going on an extended climbing trip or wants a rope that will last a long season of clipping, either outside or in. Put simply, a classy single rope.

  • Weight = 64g/m
  • Number of Falls = 8
  • Impact Force = 875kN
  • Sheath Weight = 22g
  • Sheath Percentage = 33%
  • Sheath Slippage = 0mm
  • Elongation = 8%
  • Dry Treated = YES
  • Lengths Available = 50m, 60m & 70m
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