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Wednesday 12th April 2006

The Tikka Plus is the latest LED headtorch from Petzl. The first thing you notice about the Tikka Plus is its weight. At 78g (incl. 3 AAA batteries) it is incredibly light and compact, easily fitting into any type of pocket.

Previous light LED headtorches I have owned have usually come up short in the brightness department. They have usually been fine for night time tent searching, end-of-day food cooking etc.. but they’ve never been the best for running at night or navigating alpine boulder screes in the early morning.

Turning on the Tikka Plus, you instantly know you won't have any problems with brightness. It is incredibly bright, giving a wide beam light that shines into the darkness illuminating very well the surrounding area.

Petzl gives its maximum distance ats32m (on maximum light) and it’s certainly bright enough for general night time running. With 3 power levels and a strobe option, the Tikka Plus gives you options between conserving battery power and distance covered.

It doesn’t have a focus, so the three levels are your only lighting options but these should cover most activities. At maximum light intensity the 3 AAA batteries will last up to 100hrs while at minimum power, they will last 150hrs – a fantastic return for such a small, light headtorch.

Other features with the headtorch include a comfortable headstrap, medium water resistance and easy maneuverability (swivel head).

The Petzl Tikka Plus does have a drawback though, and that is in the battery holder and the access to it. On my model, the headtorch too often opened up when trying to turn the light on, spilling a battery or two onto the floor on more than one occasion. This is very annoying when standing in the dark but potentially dangerous if you’re on an alpine bivy or moving fast on rocky ground.

While I found my model too easy to open, speaking to another user, he had the opposite problem, finding it incredibly difficult to open the battery holder. Petzl should look at this simple design issue and rectify it for further seasons, if they did, they would have a fantastic headtorch.

Summary: A compact headtorch that is very bright and very light. Excellent value for money. Perfect for camping or night time running. Nearly perfect but a design issue makes it sometimes difficult to open / close the battery holder.

  • Weight: 78g
  • Type: 4 LED
  • Batteries: 3 AAA
  • Duration:
    • Maximun Power Level – 100hrs @ 32m
    • Optimum P.L – 120hrs @ 23m
    • Economic P.L – 150hrs @ 15m
  • Guarantee: 3 yrs
  • RRP: £29.99

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Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp
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