Torq Gel - Raspberry Ripple

Review by Nik Cook
Tuesday 4th June 2013

Torq Gel - Raspberry Ripple

£1.45 per gel 




Energy gels can be pretty disgusting. I’d always viewed them as a necessary evil that was part of endurance racing and that you just had to man up and get them down your throat. Sure, on real long and steady stuff you can take in and process “real food” but, for events such as Ironman, a marathon or a 2 hour fell race, you can be pushing reasonably hard and need the convenience and speed of absorption of gels. 


In 2008 I discovered Torq gels though and, with flavours such as Strawberry Yoghurt, Black Cherry Yoghurt and Forest Fruits with gurana, gels became more of a pleasure than a chore. Then, in 2010, Torq delivered their Rhubarb and Custard gel and I was in gel nirvana. Seriously, it tasted so good that I’d be tempted to take them recreationally and I’ve been known, if there’s an ice cream van at the end of a race, to have one squeezed on a 99 flake. Impromptu desert recipes aside, you actually look forward to having a gel when you’re out riding or running and, when you’re working hard and not feeling massively hungry, this can really make the difference whether you stick to your fueling strategy or not. 


Their gels are not just about the taste though as the science behind them is strong too. Their 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose blend has been proven to deliver the energy to your working muscles optimally. They certainly work for me and, with the Torq Fueling System where every gel, bar or serving of energy drink equates to one unit and you typically need three units per hour, working out how much you need is simple. For 2-6 hour rides and runs, I’ll typically have a gel every 30 minutes washed down with 500 ml of energy drink per hour.


Anyway, I thought that Rhubarb and Custard couldn’t be topped but, on my mountain bike yesterday evening, I had my first experience of their new flavour, Raspberry Ripple and wow! It’s a mouthful of delicious loveliness and, like all of their gels, that loveliness is all natural and with no artificial sweeteners. It’s not too sickly sweet, the texture is spot on and it also contains a dose of electrolytes to keep your muscles firing. They’ve also tweaked the packaging so now you can open the gel without the top coming completely off, so there’s no excuse for littering.


I haven’t yet tried it on ice cream but it can only be a matter of time!

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