Wild Swimming by Daniel Start

Review by planetFear
Monday 24th November 2008


Well, what a wonderful book. The depth of coverage, the erudite and enthusiastic text, the accuracy of information and, above all, the infectious enthusiasm which shines through every page makes this a must-have for wild swimmers and armchair readers alike.

 It is a delightful book comprising descriptions and photographs of a superb collection of inland water bodies (rivers, lakes, fords and others) that the author has identified as the best wild swimming spots in the UK.

I do not claim to be such an aficionado of wild swimming as Daniel Start, the author, but through the years I have dipped into more than a few of the places he describes, and I do have first-hand knowledge of Snowdonia where I have lived for most of my life. Perhaps I have one or two reservations about seeing some very special places laid bare for all to find, but hey! That’s the evil of guidebooks I suppose.

Next time I visit Llyn Eiddew Bach (number 91), I’ll be searching for that ‘secret piece of string’. I was last there when we camped – and swam - a couple of years ago. We took our 5-week-old grandson for his first mountain camp. It’s a special favourite of ours.

Just one omission; well, lots of omissions of course, but he has chosen the cream. Why no mention of the Afon Edno pools? My personal favourite, but perhaps some secrets are just too special to promote. Daniel Start has produced a truly lovely book .

 You might like to log on to http://www.wildswimming.co.uk/index.html where you can check out an online map of other areas that have been added by the wild swimming public. You can even add your own.


Wild Swimming was reviewed by Alan Hedson for planetFear

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