Wiz Kid

Review by planetFear
Thursday 12th June 2008

Black Diamond - Wiz Kid Climbing Harness





(Aitchelle Sports Development Consultancy:www.aitchelle.co.uk)



This harness was a fabulous addition to our equipment for taking the kids climbing. Our five year old was very excited to have her first proper harness instead of a full body harness.  We used it both at the climbing wall and outdoors, and it has been very easy to use: it is designed for top-roping only. The one Speed Buckle is great for quick adjustment, as the kids never want to wait around long to fiddle with loads of straps. The harness was comfy and easy to wear, and our daughter and her other friends were all happy with the way it fitted. The leg loops seemed baggy on the smaller children, but that doesn’t seem to compromise the safety or comfort of the harness.  It will certainly fit our kids for some years to come.



Black Diamond suggest that it should fit most children age 5 – 10 (16 – 50 kg), so it’s worth the £30 - £35 investment as it will last a long time. I think the Wiz Kid is a great harness due to its ease of fastening and general practicality, the fact it looks and feels like a proper adult harness, together with its overall comfort and adjustability.



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