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Shopping Testimonials

Like your web site and products so definitely in my favourites list, helped no end by good customer care. Thank you
Andrew, June 2007

I must say, I'm mightily impressed with the service you and your team have given me over this - it makes a nice change to be treated this way, recognising that there was little time to get me the stuff in time for the LAMM, and also keeping me in the loop with emails/phone calls. I'll certainly be coming back with the next order.
Tim, June 2007

Many thanks for the smock which arrived today. Excellent service and value.
Christopher, May 2007

Received. quality jacket. Good price. Nice quick service as well
Luke, March 2007

Just wanted to say the boots arrived today. Many thanks - very impressed with the speedy delivery!
Jonathan, March 2007

Thank you very much. Your customer service is excelent.
Dan, March 2007

Top service. Thank you!
Nick, February 2007

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service that you and PlanetFear have given me, I received my order, so cheers to you and the staff everything went just as you said, I can't thank you enough and I will certainly leave very nice words on your website, the clothing is going with me to climb Denali in Alaska.
Cary, February 2007

Hi, just to say thanks for the perfect service. I have put you under my favourites
Jan, January 2007

Just to let you know the order arrived this morning, and thanks for the free beanie! I'm more than happy with it. An excellent all round service.
John, December 2006

Many thanks for your assitance. I have been very impressed with the standard of service I have received from Planet Fear and I would certainley not hesitate to use you again or to recommend you to any friends or colleagues.
Rob, December 2006

Hello, I've never e-mailed a company with happy thoughts before, but I'm well impressed that I order something at 16.30 on Wednesday and it's here 8.30 the next day, Thanks.
Jan, November 2006

Many thanks. Can I just say for the record that the customer service I have received has been excellent. I obviously dont need to be buying climbing components all that often but, rest assured, when I need something new I will come back to planet fear.
Jonathan, November 2006

Just to let you know that my order arrived this morning. I wanted to thank you for the super service; what a pleasure it has been spending my money with Planetfear. I look forward to the next order! (there are bound to be heaps!)
Will, November 2006

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service, placed my order yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning!! I was delighted with all the products and shall definitely use you again when I need anything ‘outdoorsy’ !! Many thanks,
Anne, November 2006

Just wanted to thank you for the rapid delivery of my new sleeping bag and many thanks also for the hat. Amazing service all round.
Nick, November 2006

Jenny, many thanks indeed received the shoes - blue and the volume adjusters as one package. As always first class service - I love your Company!!!!!!! And best of all my wife was out and I was able to sneak goods into house without being spotted.
Mike, October 2006

Amazing, quick and helpful service, will use you again once I've got rid of these love handles
Richard, October 2006

I received the sleeping bags first thing this morning. Thanks very much for the excellent service and amazing value. I'll be back! Regards,
Paul, October 2006

Thanks Jenny. Looking forward to my gear. Good service and prices and helpful info on the website - way better than most of your bigger competitors. You're now on my "favorites" list for gear sourcing. Cheers,
Euan, October 2006

I wanted to let Planet Fear know that the Cilao harnesses which were sold to us at professional prices have been used to great satisfaction. (We run the Telemark Ski Co. but also guide for Jagged Globe in the summer).
October 2006

The shoes arrived the day before depart to Northern Sweden/Lappland where we participated at the Fjallraven Classic. We made it in 68h 4min which means the gold medal. And this on the new Montrail Stratos shoes with no blisters and no pain! Thanks planetFear!
Boelo ten Have, August 2006

It was a pleasure to deal with you. Your business and your were very efficient and courteous.
Ray James, August 2006

Brilliant service and product - when you say something will arrive in x hours it does! Many thanks.
Mike Mason, August 2006

It was waiting today for me on my desk. How easy was that!!!!
Barton Facey , August 2006

I received the guide this morning. I am really grateful and impressed with your service! Again, thank you very much :)
Piotr, July 2006

Received as promised. That is a good service.
Jonathan Edwards, June 2006

Arrived the day after ordering, unheard of!! Many thanks.
Kirsty Houston, June 2006

I got my equipment today; impressive, that's generally 3 days faster compared to ordering something from a Swedish netshop!!
Joakim Leonardson, June 2006

Just a quick "Thank you" for the excellent service (yet again). I ordered a few bits and pieces yesterday, and they arrived this morning. I've recommended you to a number of friends over the years and will continue to do so.
Dafydd Prichard, June 2006

Thanks for info. I have no plans to return the item! As always, it's been a pleasure trading with you.
Justin Maxwell, May 2006

Great to hear back so quickly and thanks for such a speedy resolution. Will definitely use site again, if only everything was this easy!!!
Derek Connery

Hi Shane There's no problem with that at all! Given the excellent level of service you lot give (- most recently, a couple of months ago when we phoned just before closing on a friday night, looking for a VE25 tent. You found one, packaged it beautifully and dropped it off next door so we could collect later that evening and be in the hills first thing the next morning. You even gave us your mobile number in case of problems!), you deserve a holiday! Hope it was a good 'un. Cheers
Shirley Harrison, Christmas 2005

I was very impressed, the order arrived at 11am the next day!
Pam Barnsley

THANKS very much for the perfect hiking shoes, excelent service and amazingly fast delivery (I placed the orrder on monday 13:00 and had them on tuesday) Definetelly using the planet fear web for any other purchase related to outdoors Thanks again Nicole Guttmann

Thanks for an excellent service, item arrived next day. Recommended. Thanks

Thank you for being so assiduous in keeping me informed of the progress of my order.
Geoff Leach

I placed an order yesterday. It was delivered to my home this morning at 7am as I was just about to leave for work. It was pouring rain and blowing a gale but there was my order. All I had to do was sign for it. I think this is quality service! Thanks to all concerned. Have a good Christmas.
Jack Allen

Thank you very much. Great service.
Vince Chaney

Thanks a lot!! Real good service. Happy Christmas days and many thanks for the trouble.

Excellent. I seem to remember last time I ordered something from you that you had great service. Glad to see you don't disappoint. Merry Christmas. Just received my Sherpa kit bag this morning and would just like to thank you for the very prompt service, especially considering the time of year.
John McAllister

Brill it arrived at 9.05 so that really is prompt service, just what I wanted in the colour I wanted, at a nice price. Thanks and hope to use you again shortly.

Thanks…received it 10.30am next day, excellent service.
James Woodward

Keep up the good work...planetFear is an amazing website and resource.

Many people in Israel could learn from you about customer service.
Yaron Brener

I’m very pleased to advise you that my order duly arrived yesterday. I would take the opportunity to thank you for your quite exceptional level of customer service.
Jack Allen

We got the rock shoes yesterday. Excellent fit. Thank you very much for the excellent service. I appreciate the way you dealt so quickly with the lost pair then the pair which did not fit. I'm very impressed.

Many thanks for your swift resolution of this query. I look forward to buying far too much shiny, expensive kit from you soon!
Rob Owen

Thanks a lot, it's good to know you can trust on such a good service.
Giovanni Benedetti

Excellent, gold star. You now have a repeat customer who will recommend the site to his friends. An excellent way of doing business.
Philip King

May i congratulate you on the efficiency of your online service. i was kept informed of the whereabouts and availability of my order and the parcel duly arrived as predicted. miles better than other sites i have recently tried. many thanks

Yet another order from your site and yet another stupidly fast delivery! You guys are by far the best site I have bought anything from, not only for the service but also the prices. Thank you.
Sam Saunders

Thanks a lot! Great service guys!! Keep going like this!!
Bezas Spiro, Bologna (Italy)

Thanks for responding. I managed to get hold of one of your staff on Friday and he very kindly sorted me out over the phone. The smock arrived first thing Saturday morning.............superb service!!!! Many thanks and best wishes.
Andrew Sumner

Thank you for your excellent service. I got the stuff sack today. Top marks for customer service. It was excellent, so thank you very much.

Footprint arrived safely. Order now complete. Many thanks. Excellent firm/people to deal with. I will use you again for future purchases and recommend you to my friends. Thanks again, your service is outstanding.
Ian Bishop

Thanks very much for the delivery...couldn't believe how fast it was!!! Gear is great and just what I wanted, I'll no doubt be ordering from you again. Cheers.
Paul Capener

Crampons received. I just got back from a trip – they are perfect, exactly the right model and fit my boots like a glove!! Thanks also for great customer service. I'll try and put a bit more business your way. Cheers!
Danielle Sheridan

I'm chuffed to bits. Cheers for the excellent service, especially if you are short staffed! I will definitely be using your shop again, once I've done some more work to get the money for nice shiny (or at least sticky) bits of kit!
Thomas Evans

Great and thanks for an excellent service – I am really pleased with my jacket and I’ll certainly be recommending you. Cheers.
Julie Penwright

I have to say I've been impressed how planetFear dealt with the whole delay, sorting me out money wise. I will be a returning customer.
Tom Corcoran

Thanks, great service.
Bob Clay

That was fast! My gear arrived today. Thanks!
Brian Geraghty

Climbing Coaching Holiday Testimonials

Kalymnos SunRock Workshop

"My thoughts will be just like last time, a great trip with really nice people, I thought the venue was superb."

"I was delighted with the trip and succeeded in all I wanted to acheive. Not knowing what to expect I was happy that the atmosphere was informal and relaxed and did not feel under any pressure to improve although this was what I wanted and achieved. Neil is a great inspiration and motivator and gave me the confidence to succeed on any climb he said I was capable of doing. The main thing I have taken away from this is the confidene to tackle any climb up to 7a and redpoint harder climbs. It's given me a whole new tick list of climbs above the grade I used to climb at, and some new friends. I can't think of anything I would change, a great week. Thanks."

"My thoughts on the trip were; overall a brilliant trip, learned loads, pushed myself, remained un-injured, would certainly recommend it to others at a similar level. Positive features:

(1) Accommodation - great location (walk to crags, walk to town, no need for transport)
(2) Coaching team - you both helped to create an environment in which people try to push themselves
(3) Coaching tips - loads of good info passed on to us (especially useful for me were 'warming up' and 'red-point strategy')
(4) Slide show - very interesting, I'd be happy to see more of them!
(5) Kalymnos - brilliant place, what more can I say!?"

"I really enjoyed the trip and was extremely envious of the people who were staying another week. I achieved far more than I expected to with a hand injury. Kalymnos is a fantastic climbing destination and I look forward to more trips in the future. I particularly enjoyed Leah and Neil's slide show, and watching Leah climb was pretty inspirational. The coaching was excellent as usual - having been on previous trips, I had heard some of the stuff before, but it was just reinforced and I felt more able to apply it, especially in relation to redpointing. My real high point (or low point) was the big fall and swing - probably not anyone else's, but I really enjoyed that - call me a nutter... The opportunity for a swim before breakfast and after a hard days climbing was brilliant. And the sea was wonderful."

"Thought the week went really well helped along by a great bunch of people. Watching Adrian, Neil and Leah climb was inspirational and Neil's coaching was just the ticket. Already taken a trip to the wall and managed to crack a couple of routes I was having great trouble with a couple of weeks ago. Thanks once again a great trip."

"All I can say is that it was an awesome experience to be climbing in an environment, which offers such varied climbing potential. As far as the course goes I thought it was top notch no complaints what so ever, and I cant wait to put into action many new methods and strategies I have picked up about redpointing and onsighting, also some fairly basic techniques that will make my indoor competition climbing and out door climbing more ‘fruitfull’. Cheers guys and thanks a lot, I will no doubt see you on next years course."

"Brilliant trip, really enjoyed it, certainly one of my best climbing trips I've ever done. Really pleased with the standard, quality and quantity of the routes I did. Not only did I push up a grade to 6c, but I did at least 3 of them. Previous best this year had been a couple of soft 6b's. Managed 31 routes (yes I kept a tally), and I reckon that sort of mileage really helps me - both physically and mentally. And I even enjoyed the redpointing this time around."

"I had a fantastic time on the trip - the best one so far, I think (and I have done a few!!)."

"Was very pleased with the trip, coaching advice from yourself and Neil was excellent as usual. Felt very comfortable in asking for advice etc when needed. The coaching and group spirit as usual really helped me on those areas of routes whereby you really need that extra boost to give it your all (rather than bottling it or giving up). The Hotel couldn’t really be better positioned. (Unless it was a few hundred metres higher up the hill ;-)"

"Good trip. I got a lot of things sorted. Particularly my feet. Hotel was good. Location excellent."

"Well, another superb coaching trip from PlanetFear :) Very well organised and structured, the accommodation was great, and both Adrian and Neil were on top form, giving excellent coaching advice and full of encouragement. The mix of people on the 2 weeks was good, and everyone seemed to get a lot out of it."

"Loved the individual focus of the coaching - each person got the type or level of coaching that they needed - One other great element of the coaching was Neil and your choices of routes for each of us - I am very impressed that you both managed to get it so right for everyone with just a couple of days watching us climb to know our strengths and weaknesses so well and be able to judge just where we should be aiming."

"Excellent location - I think the choice of Kalymnos is brilliant. Bit of a pain to get to [...] but well worth it."

"I think that the trip did fundamentally change my perspective on climbing [...] I have learned enough from the trip to know the difference between good climbing vs just hauling myself up (at least in theory if not yet 100% in practice). Anyway it was a bloody great trip and I cannot wait to get out on the crags again."

"Great course as per the previous one in Sardinia. Fantastic location and crags."

"Thanks for a wonderful week in Kalymnos! I had a fantastic week there, both the climbing and coaching part and socialy too. Staying at Hotel Philoxinea was just perfect with the pool, very ok rooms, close to the best crags, pretty close to the ocean etc. I feel like I have improved my climbing at least 1 grade even though it doesn't say so in the papers."

"Thanks everyone for making Kalymnos a great holiday, we hope to see you all again soon."
David & Kirsten

"For me, the bottom line is that I not only realised my weeks aims, they were blown completely out of the water. So any feedback has to be seen in that light. That weeks climbing has been one of the most influential in my climbing career. What made it so powerful was the very supportive and dynamic 'tone' you created within the group of people on the course. It was very encouraging and enabling, two main factors, which helped me, push the boat out into uncharted seas."

"The Sun Rock workshop was the best week's climbing I have been on. Yes, the climbing was superb and we had a great group of people, all in the setting of a beautiful and sunny Greek island. However, what really made the trip exceptional was that everyone made such progress in their climbing - thanks to the tuition and guidance from Neil and Adrian, and the positive atmosphere they helped create in the group."

"Neil and Adrian's enthusiasm, support, advice, etc, was exceptional. Good group too. Learned loads and improved both my onsight and redpoint grade. Some of the other members went up by way more than a single grade too. Would definitely consider another go this time next year to keep up the improvements and get further hints and tips."

"The week in Kalymnos with Neil and Adrian was undeniably the most successful of my climbing career. their help and enthusiasm got me up routes which I wouldn't have considered possible (for me) beforehand. Well done guys! "

"Instruction and organisation worked really well. People were relaxed and fun, whilst being very supportive in pushing grades. Great trip."

"I had a fantastic time AND learnt a lot from Neil and Adrian. If anyone is thinking about the Sardinia trip and hasn't booked up yet, do it […] by the way, I applied what I learned on the workshop and did finally flash my first 7b+ this weekend, thanks guys."

"We've had a amazing time. Neither of us can believe how well things went. Thanks Neil & Adrian for a fantastic experience."
Susan & Jane

"Thanks again for a brilliant week - I'm so pleased with how it went for me personally, and I know everyone had a great time."

"This is just to let you know your workshop was a great experience"

"Really, REALLY enjoyed the week on Kalymnos and a great big thanks to you and Neil for a FAB week and for all your encouragement and support. It was such a brilliant team of folk and the group dynamics were exceptional for a group of virtual strangers […] The week after I came back I had serious withdrawal (why can't every week be like the one on Kalymnos?)"

"The last 10 days I've been bouldering harder than ever and had no pain in my fingers. I now do problems that I wouldn't have dared to try 3 month ago, and better yet I've begun to bag these bastards, by resting properly, and using some of the mind tricks I've learned."

"Thank you and Neil for a FANTASTIC week. Wishing the next team as much success and fun as we had. Bring it on!"

Sardinia Women-Only

"The coaching holiday was a whole new and refreshing experience for me. It cerainly broadened my mind and feel I've developed a better understanding of climbing tactics and various approaches. The support and demonstrations by Audrey and Airlie were down to earth, comforting and clear. Every word was helpful."

"I had an AWESOME time, and for that I think the credit goes to the planetFear gang for organising everything in the first place, and the people on the trip (that means all you gals and Airlie and Audrey! :) So, thanks!"

"The week was an emotional, fantastic and exhilarating week for me. My confidence has increase 150% and I have finally generated the self belief in my abilities as a climber, and in the knowledge that I CAN climb hard!!"

"Audrey and Airlie were great, they are both so nice and patient ... I thought it was great to see so much awesome climbing with them"

"I loved the dynamic of climbing with just women becasue everything is different [...] the trip allowed me to go on and continue a goal that I have had for a year- to lead a 6a+ 25m climb called Silence of the Lambs in Catalunya, with a big overhanging crack crux at the top- and no tears even! Verrrry happy about that and feel now I can try even harder things maybe."

Sardinia SunRock Workshop

"The course has definitely given me a new window through which to view my climbing. I am definitely a different climber now than I was four weeks ago."

"I had a brilliant week. I got a personal best and learned quite a bit. I came back motivated to do more. This time was better than my last at Sardinia (and that must have been pretty good for me to come all the way from the states for a second trip!)."

"The experience of both Steve & Gaz on technical climbing, training, how hard to push, how long to rest, and what to do about injury was invaluable"

"I think you have found a great formula and having experts at the top of their field like Steve and Gareth, with their obvious love of climbing and people involved really makes it, the planetFear trips represent incredible value for money."

"Unsurprisingly I found the week very rewarding, ultimately pushing time, strength and ability right to the wire (or chain as the case may be)."

"All in all a great trip and I'm really psyched to push my climbing this summer. Thanks again for all the hard work the three of you put in."

"Watching you guys climb and indeed being inspired by how other members of the group improved and achieved their goals, and even beyond, was very inspiring and enlightening."

"A brilliant week again - very well organised, good group, great coaching, etc :)"

"I had a great week and we were very lucky with the weather. First of all, my thanks to Steve and Gaz again- they are the ones that really made the trip what it was. I'm very happy with how I progressed over the week and that was due largely to their their help / boot up my arse."

"Didn't really know what to expect from the trip but thought it was absolutely top notch. Steve and Gaz where inspirational as coaches and really helped bring on my climbing. Having never climbed outdoors before to redpointing a 6c on the Friday was fantastic and I am definitely considering coming on another of your trips"

"Great trip, amazing how the group gelled and I'm sure the incredible enthusiasm everyone showed got everyone fired up to climb as hard as possible. I felt I was climbed out by Sat. night which is always a good sign. I really enjoyed the fact that the organisation was pretty fluid so a lot of the time it felt like like a cragging trip with friends rather than a course."

"Thanks for a fantastic week, everything worked out great for me - nice people, location and weather, great climbing and an increase in my grades to boot."

"Thanks for a week of habit changing advice and confidence building encouragement. I personally found the course very heplful in forming a basis for training as I never had a methodical way in doing this, both physically and mentally."

"All I can say is that was an excellent trip. I learnt a lot and, for me, did a lot of routes. If time and family allowed, I'd book for the next one now." Dave"I'd always taken climbing very much for granted as just another thing I could do quite well like swimming or riding my bike. I never thought it was that important until I couldn't do it any more and then it became a really big thing and almost an ordeal everytime I went out. Now its like I've been given a part of my life back that I thought I had lost forever and for that I'll always be grateful. Thank you both so very very much."

Peak District Coaching Weekends

"I thought the peak weekend was great! It has certainly boosted my confidence on rock as a whole. This would not have happened without the patience and knowledge of Neil and Ben. All in all, a cracking weekend was had!"

"Fantastic weekend. Neil and Ben are great communicators, and combine just the right proportions of advice, inspiration, encouragement, cajoling and subtle moral blackmail to bring out the best in even a timid climber like myself... It was a wonderful opportunity to tackle boulder problems and some of those Froggatt classics in a great supportive atmosphere; extraordinary what a difference it makes to be part of a group, not least in studying how other people set about the same problem. All in all though a truly motivational weekend; if you run another just sign me up: I’d do one every month if I could!"

"One of the highlights was just watching Neil & Ben climb - seeing how easy they made it look! Both were very positive and encouraging which definitely helped me attempt routes I may have previously shied away from. I certainly got what I wanted from the weekend and have no complaints, I'd recommmend it to anyone who needs a quick boost to their technique and confidence."

"Thanks for an excellent weekend. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot."

"Very positive atmosphere and plenty of encouragement within the group. Neil and Ben were excellent. Very good climbers and able to explain how they do things. I’m a very satisfied customer."

"I enjoyed the weekend. Accommodation was good. Ben and Neil were great - enthusiastic, tireless, and of course excellent climbers. Venues and local knowledge was excellent."

"I had a fantastic weekend thanks and am still on a real high... Ben and Neil were inspirational coaches and given that the hardest route I'd led on grit before was HVD, I was amazed to find myself leading Three Pebble Slab (E1) yesterday. I honestly can't think how the weekend could be improved upon. I thought it was great that you all came out with us on the Saturday night in Sheffield. To receive coaching from climbers of Neil and Ben's calibre was a privilege."

"Thanks for a well organised, informative and enjoyable weekend. I'm afraid I don't have much constructive criticism! The coaching was flexible which allowed everyone to progress rapidly. The best part for myself was being able to talk to yourself and Neil. Both of you were very open and gave me many small tips which will lead to a smoother performance on the rock."

"Really enjoyed the trip - this is the second Planet Fear trip which I've achieved my goals - with your help and coaching. Thanks."

"Thank you very much for a fantastic weekend, I really enjoyed myself. Can you please forward my thanks to Neil as well."

"Found the weekend very inspirational [...] The route tactics session was massively useful (if embarrassing as I recognised I'd been doing many of the "don'ts" and not doing the dos for years)"

"Thanks for all your support and patience this weekend, I really enjoyed the time I spent in the peak district. I found the demonstrations and sentiment behind them was clear, concise and well presented, it could easily applied to other situations. The accommodation worked well, the rooms were clean and the bar stayed open late, always a plus."

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