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Posted by Peter, The Lemon House
Wednesday 8th October 2008
The 3rd edition of the annual outdoor meeting "L'Acqua e La Roccia" at Roccadoria Monteleone, a charming little Sardinian village 30km from Alghero airport, will as usual be held the last weekend of October, 25-26 October 2008.

Rocca Doria is a tiny village with only 135 inhabitants, perched at 614m amsl in a stunning setting above the lake where you can go canoeing and surrounded by countryside ideal for walking and mountain biking, and above the crag Rocca della Regina. According to legend a princess, to escape from an enemy, threw herself off the cliff wrapped in 7 mattresses hoping to survive...she didn't...hence the crag's name. The crag is a cross between Jerzu, Isili and Bouix, with steep routes on big holds, and has 60-odd routes, with 7 5's, 27 6's and the remaining routes grade 7. Plenty for everyone to do.

For the weekend of the meeting, when people climb, canoe, walk and mountain bike, with (Italian-speaking) organisers helping with all these activities, the town's population increases fourfold, and the town turns out to make the visitors welcome, from cooking the sausages in the main square on the Saturday night and tasting local delicacies on the Sunday to encouraging the climbers on the crag. For the climbers, on Sunday morning there is an "endurance competition" where teams are awarded points for the climbs they climb without resting (i.e. onsight or flash), with prizes donated by the sponsors being awarded at the end of the day on Sunday.

Peter will certainly be present since he's dropping a good friend off at Alghero airport on Saturday morning and he needs to defend his first-equal position in the "No Big" competition in 2007, and he will be around to help any English-speaking participants find their way around. Details of the meeting can be found (in Italian) at www.roccadoria.org, and/or contact Peter if you're thinking of coming. If you are arriving or departing from Alghero airport this weekend, it's well worth coming along.

Roccadoria 2008 poster


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