Selvaggio Blu - toughest trek in Italy

Posted by Peter, The Lemon House
Tuesday 17th March 2009

People staying at The Lemon House get, free, logistical support and information for climbing, mountain biking, road cycling and walking/trekking on the east coast of Sardinia. We aren't guides and don't accept payment for accompanying people not staying with us, though we do get asked... When we were contacted by the leader of a group of US college students who wanted help in organising the logistics for walking the first two stages of Selvaggio Blu, "Italy's toughest trek" as featured in a previous planetFear article, we wanted to help...they made a contribution to our bolt fund...and we helped them plan bus times to arrive, thereby saving lots of money on a hired coach; gave them a lift to the start of the walk and bought gas in advance; took water to the start of the second day; arranged RHIB pickup adn water dropoff on the morning of the 4th day and transport to Cala Luna; and generally gave advice to help them plan their walking. Peter hadn't done all the second stage, from Dus Piggius to Porto Cuau, so he tagged along on the walk and to take photos. The photos give a good sense of what it's like to walk the Selvaggio Blu, including the first 3 stages which don't involve climbing with ropes or abseiling, just some quite exposed scrambling.

David, Joe, carl,sarah,  ben, krem south slope Su Runca Sa Coggina

In fact, we didn't quite get as far as Porto Cuau, and camped (Peter was lent a fleecy and a duvet, and discovered that a space blanket unwrapped at 3 am doesn't make that much difference...) before tackling the scrambling out the next morning.

Christi, Sarah, Mae, Ashley exiting Bacu Tenàdili - girl power!

 From the boat to Cala Luna we had a fantastic view of the cliffs that Selvaggio Blu passes underneath, and where in 2 weeks' time we're going to do some multipitch routes:

Oronnoro and Plummare

The weather for the week - NW wind, clear skies, hot in the sun but cold in the shade - was perfect for walking. In May we have a group of 6 staying with us to do Selvaggio Blu, and we shall be helping them with logistics, water drops, etc. Note that you can drop off water without a boat, and this means that no-one else is likely to find YOUR water.

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