Just another weekend in Rocklands

Posted by Jon Reading
Monday 3rd August 2009
Jon and I decided that since we only have about 8 weeks left in the season it's time to get serious about our bouldering, with this in mind we decided to camp at De Pakhuys all weekend.

Thursday was a perfect, cold and crisp day for climbing. At 7am Jon walked up to Dihedral boulders to work on Gliding through the Waves like Dolphins 8A. On his return we went to Roadcrew and were greeted by Marijus Šmigelskis. This week Marijus has been accompanying Adam Ondra on a quick visit to Rocklands after his guest appearance at the South African Rock and Road trip where Adam sent a 12 year old 8c+ project called Mazawati at Montagu.

I watched Adam work on Amandla, 8B+. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to get this problem but he spent an hour or two between working Amandla and watching his Dad climb Orange Heart 6C, which was very cool to see. Later Marijus and crew left for The Fortress area.

Adam Ondra on Amandla 8B+Adam Ondra on Amandla 8B+

 Left and Right, Adam Ondra working 'Amandla' 8B+

Not long after, we decided to head to Roadside for the afternoon. On arrival we realised that we were amongst the strong Austrian team which included Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr. Watching Anna complete Nutsa, 8A+ was amazing, it looked like it was no effort at all!

Later Marijus and Adam returned from The Fortress with news that Adam had successfully flashed The Vice, 8B and Armed Response, 8B. This is perhaps the first time that someone has successfully flashed 2 8B's in one day! Just to prove what a superb climber he really is he then went and flashed Out of Balance 8A and Pendragon 8A .

I was more than happy with my successful completion of Pinch of Herbs slab, 6C I can't imagine how Adam was feeling!

Later that evening we all marvelled at Adam's performance around the campfire and I felt priveleged to be part of the Rocklands experience and this was just the first day of my 4 day weekend!

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