Deep`Water Solo from Scotland to Spain

Posted by Rich Mayfield
Thursday 1st October 2009

Orkney Islands 

Accompanied by Mikey Roberton, we´weren´t really sure what to respect, so I managed to convince Mikely that he should bring a harness just in case.

I´d heard alot about it, and had made the assumption it must be like Baggy Point. But I was wrong, it´s loads better than that, super strong and clean sandstone. Every line we did it the routes just got better and better and we´d started with the three star classics.

An insitu tyrolean (thankyou whoever put it in) to Yesnaby Castle proved a great event for the clients. I even managed to stay mostly dry, but did resort to my Commando training and climbed on top of the line on the very last crossing. Sorry David I´ll show you how to did a regain latter.

Tyrolean at Yesnaby

For next year´s courses in Scotland check out the Holidays here 


DWS Fest Spain

It doesn´t seem like last week since I got myself in trouble at last years DWS Fest. Luckily Sam was over this year to help keep us on the striaght and narrow. BBQ on the openning night and Slack lining the pool, situation normal then.

High seas on one day, well not really high seas just not quiet as flat as a pan cake, but the life guards at Cala Moraig closed the Northen end of the beach anyway. So we paddled around in the kayaks to climb on hidden beach, closely followed by a Life Guard in his kayak, the only thing he was missing was a blue light and a gun! We didn´t climb on the northern side keeping our activities to Jelly Stone and Bruce Lee sectors instead.

Second day at Ambolo Beach, on the Island complete with the first DWS slack line of the trip, but it was slightly too windy and no one crossed it, but it did provide the entertainment for everyone else. A hard core pose paddled and swan around to the cave.

Third day, was dry out day, and the best way to dry off the hands is to jump off the bridges at Mascarat! Which was followed by another BBQ and Hollywood themed party.

Fourth Day, was back to Ambolo Cave and some long traversing for the girls, slackling and cave action. Gav, Julian and myself went in search of the other caves across the bay, but keiths kayak didn´t want to go in a straight line and I managed to damage a valve. Two miles out, Julian said is your boat surposed to be making that hissing noise! We managed to limp back to shore, thus avoiding another brush with the life guards.

Last day we visited Cala Moraig and thankfully the normal calm seas prevailed. I think just about all routes had ascents with some routes claiming more splash down than others. BBQ and Rocky Horror Themed Parteeee!  Girls you looked fabulous and guys....    No you´re not pretty!

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